Markall Inc. owns and occupies a 70,000 square-foot campus in Santa Ana, California, that incorporates onsite specialized manufacturing facilities and equipment featuring:

  • Clean Room Class 100,000  or better per customer requirements
  • 20,000 square feet for “kitting” programs
  • Finished components / assemblies / warehouse / staging area

Markall provides client support services, including repairs, refurbishments, and testing services to support the full product life-cycle and minimize the Total Cost of Ownership of each product.



Machining envelope involving more than 30 machines:

  • Turning – 15.00” x 120.00”
  • Milling (standard) – 50.00” x 25.00” x 25.00”
  • Milling (modified) – 110.00” x 25.00” x 13.00” (with 4” through hole 12.00” diameter maximum)


Electro-Mechanical Assembly Center

  • Lincoln Ideal Arc Welder
  • Helium Leak Test Stations
  • InductroniX Custom Special Induction Heating Machine
  • Blackstone CAE Custom Ultrasonic Clean Station (Multi-tank)
  • Multiple calibrated soldering/assembly stations (in compliance with customer external supplier quality audits)


Inspection & Testing

  • Onsite 30,000 psi and Higher Pressure Testing Facility
  • Blue M Floor Model Oven, PRO-8 Microprocessor
  • Based Control POM-166EX
  • Blue M Floor Model Oven, CW6680F with (Recorder)
  • Hydraulic Test Stands COMCO Micro Blaster
  • Despatch Temperature Controlled Twin Chamber Oven
  • Zeiss, Model Eclipse-ST3 2840-22, CNC 3 Axis
  • Generator Test Console
  • Vacuum Pumps – Degassing capability, including oil fill capability per customer specifications