The expertise of Markall Inc. in the production of components and assemblies using exotic raw material, including Cobalt, Nickel, Inconel, Beryllium-Copper, and Titanium, along with our superior quality rating, allows us to support operations in the unique environments present in the energy industry.  Markall provides a variety of supply chain services to support lean operations and JIT manufacturing.  We have extensive experience in integrating its products and services into our clients’ MRP systems, while RA Industries, the manufacturing arm of Markall, provides parts manufactured under its ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Markall operates a North American District Repair Center to increase the useful life of the assets it produces, provides a kitting, raw material stocking, and finished components warehouse to shorted lead times and provide agile supply chain solutions, and has the personnel and facilities to conduct on-site testing, design, and refurbishment services. Markall also has field offices staffed with our field liaisons in Texas, Louisiana, and Alaska ready to provide personalized filed audit, consulting, and quality follow up services.



  • Mechanical shock arresters (snubbers and ball screw assemblies)


Oil & Gas

  • Acoustic measuring instruments for oil exploration
  • Subterranean down-hole instruments for oil, liquid and gas exploration
  • Customized pressurized vacuum assemblies