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Follman Family Inducted into California State University Fullerton (CSUF) Center for Family Business Hall of Fame

YORBA LINDA, Calif., March 14, 2018 – Markall, Inc. and its manufacturing arm, R.A. Industries, LLC, were inducted into the California State University Fullerton (CSUF) Mihaylo College Family Business Hall of Fame at the school’s 4th annual awards banquet held on March 13, 2018, at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, Calif.

The Follman family and three other family businesses were honored as inductees to the Hall of Fame for their dedication, hard work, outstanding efforts and achievements, and for the role their family business plays in the U.S. and local economies.

Dr. Framroze Virjee, CSUF President, congratulated the inductees, stating, “I love that the word ‘family’ is right there ‘smack dab in the middle’ of the title of tonight’s event – the 4th Annual Center for Family Business Hall of Fame Awards Banquet.  That is what this evening is all about – honoring and embracing leaders of family-owned businesses in our community who have joined with and lifted the Titan family with a commitment to education.”

Representing the Follman family and its businesses, Robin Follman-Otta, President & CEO of Markall, Inc. and R.A. Industries, LLC, recognized Cal-State Fullerton for bringing the Center for Family Business to the Orange County community, saying, “Because this community, which is Orange County, IS a family. And so many of us see and engage with each other every day.  We are a small town – a great big small town – but we’ve all been here a long time, and it’s our goal to create a better world through our educational facilities like Cal-State Fullerton and the Center.  It’s our goal to create opportunities for the students who enter these schools, and to help the companies that are here tonight flourish; and to have accessibility to the knowledge, experience to those who are a part of this Center. Thank you for including us in this incredible Hall of Fame.”

Follman-Otta also recognized the family company’s team members, saying, “Our greatest success is the team we have in our company.  Because without them, we’re just another manufacturing company.  They are the ones who make us thrive.  We drive ourselves to be better every day, and it’s reciprocal, all day long.  The people who really win are the customers. The customers get the best of us every day.”

RA Industries, LLC is a privately held woman and minority-owned full-service engineering and fabrication completion center.  The company designs and manufactures complete assemblies, subassemblies and control systems for research and industrial manufacturing applications.  RA Industries, LLC, serves clients in the following industries:  Aerospace (commercial & military aircraft); Defense (ocean, subsea, assemblies, subassemblies); Commercial (automotive); Energy (nuclear, oil & gas, offshore); Entertainment (robotics/animatronics); and Medical (health & fitness).

The company has a full-service manufacturing capability incorporating standard and high-precision machining processes, proprietary processes, an expansive vendor network for specialized processes, full-time assembly department, including clean room, and a raw material and component warehouse providing supply chain solutions.  RA Industries also is one of the top International Repair Centers in North America with highly refined experience in machining precision parts using exotic raw materials, including cobalt, nickel, Inconel, beryllium copper, titanium and thermoplastics. RA Industries LLC, is certified and operates under the numerous industry standards, including: AS9100C: Aerospace Quality management system; ISO 9001:2008: Commercial quality management system; and many others.

The Center for Family Business is an educational forum organized and under the direction of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at California State University, Fullerton.  The Center gives its members the opportunity to learn from experts in an academic setting. During each school year, the Center offers nine workshops on topics of special interest, confidential discussion groups, and informative entertaining events.  The Center also offers CEO Groups, 2nd Generation groups and Women’s owners affinity groups for family members. The Center provides a comfortable environment for information exchange. Center members are seasoned entrepreneurs who represent experience, contacts, and new business opportunities.

Follman Family Business Background

Passing tribal knowledge and ownership of one of the few remaining successful manufacturing companies in Orange County has been a priority of the Follman family for over three generations spanning 60+ years.  Adam Matthew Follman, a former Michigan farmer, founded a company in the 1960s to provide parts and materials to the oil and gas industry in Southern California. Robert Follman started working in his father’s business at age 17 and, subsequently, grew the business in other markets, including the aerospace industry.

Robin Follman-Otta, daughter of Robert and his wife Carole, worked part-time at the company offices, doing everything from answering phones to sweeping the alleys in between her professional opera singing engagements and, ultimately, taking over the company as President & CEO.  Carole and her son, Jack have contributed significantly to the growth of these businesses through their sales, marketing, manufacturing, and engineering expertise.  Younger brother, Adam Follman, an independent entrepreneur, works on special projects for Markall.  What began in a 5,000 square-foot building in Orange on Batavia Street has transformed into a 70,000 square-foot campus in Santa Ana that incorporates onsite specialized manufacturing facilities, and is considered by its customers as one of the top fabrication and repair centers in North America.

Today, Markall, Inc., along with its manufacturing arm, RA Industries, LLC, is a privately held, woman- and minority-owned, full-service engineering and fabrication completion center. The company has survived significant and long-term economic downturns in the manufacturing industry, that have resulted in a 92% decline in company sales in the global oil and gas industry. Despite those downturns, Markall/RA Industries still serves markets around the world; and has diversified these markets to include five new major clients in the Aerospace & Defense industry.  This has resulted in a 300% growth rate over a 3-year period.  The family attributes this staying power to the solid foundation of core values set by three generations of Follman’s; and to embracing the legacy of loyal, trustworthy, and quality work, as evidenced by the company’s metrics standards of 100% on-time delivery; 99.85% quality ratings; and value-added pricing.

Markall/RA Industries and the Follman family have been an intricately woven part of the Southern California community and manufacturing landscape.  In addition to their senior roles at Markall/RA Industries, Robert, Robin and the entire Follman family are involved in entrepreneurial and philanthropic activities throughout their communities, including founding two 501(c)3 public charities:  the Katmai Lodge/Alaska & Markall Foundation for Disease and Disability Awareness, with the purpose of raising hope and awareness for diseases and disabilities throughout the United States; and the Follman-Young Foundation for the Arts, dedicated to providing the Southern California community with significant art exposure, access, and education to the visual and performing arts.  Robin actively mentors aspiring young artists, and is known by many in her community as Orange County’s Own Singing CEO, a nickname earned during her former career as a world-class opera singer.  Jack is involved in annual robotics competitions, which are geared toward encouraging youth to pursue STEM-related education.