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This Orange County company sent parts to outer space

“A piece of Orange County made it to Mars last year.

Others rotate around the Earth at 17,000 mph aboard the International Space Station.

Those accomplishments are owed to a small, family-owned manufacturing company tucked away in an industrial lot in Santa Ana.

Since 1976, R.A. Industries has been manufacturing parts for the aerospace, oil and military fields.

As manufacturing businesses have folded in Orange County over the last few decades, R.A. Industries has remained.

Robert Follman, 74, founded the company after spending years helping his father with his small business providing parts and materials to the oil and gas industry in Southern California.

With an increase in demand for aerospace and national defense products in the 1980s, Follman expanded his business to supply defense contractors like Lockheed Martin. He focused R.A. Industries on manufacturing specialized parts that were too complex for most companies to make, carving out a niche.”

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